International Women’s Day

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As I stand before you on the precipice of International Women’s Day at Malahide Castle, it’s an honor and privilege to share not just my insights but a personal journey that intertwines with the essence of this special day. International Women’s Day holds profound significance, not just as a celebration of womanhood, but as a beacon that illuminates the transformative power of belief and support in shaping the dreams of young women.

A Journey Unveiled:

Reflecting on this occasion brings me back to my teenage years, a time marked by dreams, aspirations, and the relentless pursuit of self-discovery. As a young girl navigating the complexities of adolescence, I often wished for someone to believe in the potential I saw within myself.

The Importance of International Women’s Day:

International Women’s Day is not just a date on the calendar; it’s a celebration of the strides we’ve made, the barriers we’ve broken, and the dreams that have taken flight. It is a day to acknowledge the incredible achievements of women across the globe and to reiterate the importance of fostering an environment where every woman feels seen, heard, and believed in.

The Power of Belief:

I can’t help but wonder how my journey might have been different had someone believed in me during those formative years. Belief has an extraordinary power to ignite potential, to fuel aspirations, and to transform dreams into reality. It’s not just about believing in ourselves; it’s about creating a world where the belief in a woman’s capabilities is a shared responsibility.

A Message to Young Hearts:

To the young hearts in the audience today, I want you to know that your dreams are valid, your aspirations are worthwhile, and your potential is boundless. As we celebrate International Women’s Day, let it serve as a reminder that you are not alone on this journey. There are mentors, supporters, and advocates who believe in you, even during moments when self-doubt may cloud your path.

The Ripple Effect:

When we believe in the potential of young women, we set in motion a ripple effect that extends far beyond individual lives. It creates a collective force, a community of empowered women who, in turn, inspire others. As a guest speaker at this event, I am not just here to share my experiences but to encourage a collective belief in the power of women to shape the world.


In closing, International Women’s Day is not just a celebration; it’s a call to action. Let us carry forward the torch of belief, nurturing the dreams of the next generation of women. As I share my journey with you today, I hope to inspire a collective commitment to fostering an environment where every young woman feels supported, encouraged, and, most importantly, believed in. Here’s to International Women’s Day, to the dreams we’ve chased, and the dreams we’ll ignite in others. Cheers to a future where belief knows no bounds.