What is stopping you from reaching your fullest potential?

Our nature is changeable but some of us choose not make any changes in our life for many reasons. Sometimes we might feel stuck in our job, relationship and even unwanted behaviour or habits. The underlying difficulties are usually the same, a lack of belief in our own capacity to make changes happen.

The beautiful news is that there is a way forward and you can discover where you really want to go in life. Choices are made by our thoughts and NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) techniques are valuable tools that will help you to become the best person you can be.

If you are interested in exploring your true potential, I am here! 

I am happy and honoured to share my experience and what I have learned during my personal exploration.

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How does Life coaching work?

First therapy session will focus on gathering information. We will discuss the concerns bringing you to therapy/coaching. We will explore your goals, concerns and difficulties. 

First session also gives you the freedom to choose if I am the right fit for you and if you would like to continue to work with me. 

How Many Sessions Will I Need ?

This will depend on what issues you are experiencing. It is ideal to work together for about 6 sessions and then review whether to continue further. We can discuss this during your first session  and you can either leave it open-ended or decide to fix on a number of sessions.

Where will the session be? 

Face to face session will be in Insight Matters, 106 Capel Street, Dublin, D01 WY40. Insight Matters is a beautiful therapy center located in the heart of town.

need more information?

Would you like to have a chat? Do you have more questions? Please get in touch by phone or by email.