Yoga is an ancient Indian discipline that has become extremely popular in the West over the past 60 years.

The physical postures, or asana, are said to help us purify the body of stress and toxins – whether physical, mental or environmental, allowing our energy, or life force to flow better. The emphasis on breathing consciously helps to settle and calm the mind, creating a gateway into meditation. Over time, the practice becomes less about the movements, and more of a journey inwards.

This beautiful trans-formative practice has been a true revelation from the first day I stepped into a Yoga class in Italy in 1999. I could not imagine how these challenging poses worked so profoundly and how the practice supported me in the darkest moments of my life. I still clearly remember the first Yoga class, I felt awkward at first but I knew it was something extremely important for my personal development. The more I practice the more I realize that Yoga is much more than the physical expression of the body.

I am happy and honoured to share my experience and what I have learned during my personal exploration.

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